Electronic Invoicing 6.0 Release Notes

We are excited to announce the  release of Electronic Invoicing 6.0! We have listened to our clients and added some great new features :


  • Employee Delegation has been added to allow an employee, the “delegate,” to perform actions on behalf of another employee.
  • Columns can be now be hidden or shown by right-clicking on any grid column. The maximum width for columns can also now be set by resizing a column.
  • Custom column performance has been dramatically improved for multiple columns accessing the same data
  • An option to open PDF’s in a new window has been added, which allows for using multiple screens more efficiently with the main grid in full size mode and the PDFs on a separate screen
  • Email templates can now support multiple “PDF Packages” going to the same client contact(s) in a single email with multiple attachments for each PDF file
  • New Column added to the % Complete Grid that will display the new Current Billing amount
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