Invoices are not displaying in the EI grid

Here are some troubleshooting items :

Did Vision generate the invoices? To check, the PDFs would be on the Vision web server or process server (check them all) in: (will need access to the server)

(Vision 7.4 and lower) C:\Program Files (x86)\Deltek\Vision\Reports\SavedFiles
(Vision 7.5 and above) C:\Program Files\Deltek\Vision\Reports\SavedFiles
Then the database name and then the username.

Note: If running on Deltek Vision Cloud, Your PDF’s will be on your SFTP site. This is the connection to Deltek cloud to get the invoices and bring them to a local server so the Invoice watcher can move them.

Note: If you do not see a SavedFiles folder, and running Vision 7.5 and above, there is a new ‘Export Reports as Files’ setting on the Misc tab of General System Settings in Vision Configuration . This replaces the old ‘Allow File Save’ option on the webserver (web.config). It should be set to ‘Allow Reports to be Exported to Application Server’. This should be done post Vision 7.5/7.6 upgrade.

If the PDFs are in that folder on the server and haven’t been moved, then the CCG Invoice Watcher Windows Service isn’t installed on that server or isn’t running. As soon as you start it, it will move the PDFs. If not, simply move the PDFs to the desktop and then back into the folder and they’ll get moved.


Check that the invoice watcher is running or may need to be restarted - Located on the Vison web server or process server


Check the File Log Errors:


Settings for Batch Billing:



Other items to check:

The invoice folder in the Project Info center is empty or invalid   Note: The invoice watcher will create the project folders on your system drive not the project info center. They are added manually or through a vision workflow

There needs to be a stage flow in the project and invoice group listed


The user does not have access to the Invoice Folder

For Vision 7.5 and lower : Do not include to print supporting back up documents in project billing terms, this will not create the final invoice PDF when checked in billing terms


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