Electronic Invoicing 5.5

Deltek’s Cloud / Hosted Support

  • EI 5.5 interfaces with Vision hosted in the Deltek Cloud environment. Any firm considering this solution must contact EleVia first to discuss the details of this model.
  • To accomplish this communication between EI and Deltek’s Cloud:
    • EI 5.5 has the capability to query data over an http connection via Vision web services.
    • Additional user authentication options added to work with Vision web services.
    • Local server(s) still required for EI, including the PDF file storage.

Main Grid Enhancements

  • Refresh button added to the main toolbar.
  • Show Actionable Items Only button added for non-accounting users to easily filter rows which require action by the user. In some case the rights may already limit users to actionable item.
  • Remove Orphaned Docs button added for Accounting users to automatically remove records in the Add Docs window which reference network files that no longer exist or have been moved.
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