ARM Installation Guide

ARM installation Guide

Extract the contents to a temporary location.  Then, the unzipped contents go to the following places:

  • Unzipped ARManagementCollections_3_1_7_4 content:
    • /ARManagementCollections_3_1_7_4
      • [Vision ProgramFiles Dir]/WebClient/CCG/Application Files/ARManagementCollections_3_1_7_4/
    • ARM Installation_3.1.7.4.sql
      • Executed against the SQL Server database (not copied anywhere)
    • application
      • [Vision ProgramFiles Dir] /WebClient/CCG/
    • aspx
      • [Vision ProgramFiles Dir]/ Client/Web/



*Please be aware that when unzipping the ARM ZIP file, it may create a folder called “ARManagementCollections_3_1_7_4” with another subfolder in it called the same thing (i.e., “/ARManagementCollections_3_1_7_4/ARManagementCollections_3_1_7_4”).  The subfolder, in that case, is what you want to move to item 1 above


Vision 7.5 and above -  ProgramFiles

7.4 and prior -    ProgramFilesx86

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