Add Doc Feature in EI

Benefits of Using the Add Doc Feature

Many clients require additional documents to be included with their invoice. This may be a Lien Waiver, Progress Report, Cover letter, etc. and these documents may be in various file types.

Your client may also have a specific invoice format and you do not send the system generated invoice.

Using the Add Doc feature, Accounting and the Project team will be able to upload various document types (Excel, Word, PDFs, emails, and jpg files) within EI and have the ability to edit these documents. This feature eliminates the need to send emails back and forth between Accounting and the Project Team. Another benefit to this feature is that everyone will be working in the same file, to avoid incorrect information going to the client.

If your organization uses Final Packaging, these documents can automatically be included in the final invoice package.

This feature is available in Electronic Invoicing version 5.4 and above.


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