Payables Approval and Tracking Release Notes Version 4.0

General Enhancements

  • Employee Delegation has been added to allow another person, the “delegate”, to perform actions on behalf of some other person, the originally scheduled reviewer or approver. Delegation shall not apply to full accounting roles and full access to the software; only to the ability to review and approve a document. Delegation shall also not apply to invoice lookup; only to the “Pending” screen on which reviews and approvals
  • Parallel approvals can be used to allow more than one person to review/approve a document at the same time. One scenario might be having every phase manager (PM at the WBS2 level) approve an invoice at the same time, paying attention to only their phases even though seeing the entireThis feature requires use of the new file storage options (see detail below) since PDF files typically do not allow concurrent access or editing. By saving markup to the database instead of back to the file, parallel approvals are now possible.
  • Multi-language support added allowing all labels in the main PAT interface to be customized and localized based on the user/employee language setting in Vision. There is a new tab in the configuration screen where the labels can be updated. Stage, Role, Route, Stamp, Custom Columns all can have language specific labels as well. To modify other language labels a user/employee must be setup with the desired language and have access to PAT configuration. Updates to configuration will apply to the current user’s
  • Improved tracking/auditing of routing assignments. Editing an employee for a previously assigned route is no longer allowed by default, instead a delete and re-add will be required. All routing table deletes are tracked in history. Any time a delegate approves on behalf of the original assignee, both parties will be
  • For Vision Multi-Currency databases, on export to Vision, Currency Code will be determined by the Bank Code’s GL Account, instead of the default functional currency for the company
  • On the Vision Export Screen there is now an option to check for records that do not fall within the select accounting
  • About dialog now as a link to quickly open the log file folder. This will be helpful to locate the log file if directed to do so by product


Main Grid Enhancements

  • Edit and Routing buttons in the main grid now default before the custom columns instead of at the end of the column
  • In some cases, Contracts may be enabled to force the ‘Type’ column to show on the main grid to differentiate between AP Invoices and Disbursements, but now the type column will show when Disbursements are used even if Contracts are not enabled. Disabling Contract will remove other Contract only

 See attached for more enhancement 



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