Payables Approval and Tracking Technical Installation Guide



This document is intended to cover the basic installation process on the Vision servers. Additional setup and configuration to be completed in the software and in Vision after the technical installation is complete will not be covered in this document.  This document does not cover installation for Vision environments running in the Deltek Cloud. 


  • Server(s)
    • Payables Approval and Tracking server components need to be installed to the Vision application per Deltek recommendations.
    • If not a Vision server, .NET 4.5.2 is needed and IIS 7 or later. Due to similar requirements, we recommend following the server operating system and IIS recommendations for current Vision versions.
  • Client
    • Payables Approval and Tracking will run on client workstations supported by Deltek Vision 7.x plus the following .NET requirement.
    • Payables Approval and Tracking 3.0 requires .NET framework 4.5.2 . Some early Vision 7.x version may run on prior versions of .NET so please confirm your client workstations have this version .NET or later before upgrading to this version.
    • Client workstations must be able to access the Vision database and windows files share storing the invoice PDF files. This usually requires LAN/WAN connectivity to the Vision and file servers. For information about other connectivity options check with product support or your implementation consultant.

Supported Environments

EleVia Software’s Payables Approval and Tracking 3.0 is designed to work with Deltek Vision 7.1 – 7.6. Clients can either connect directly to the Vision database or via Vision web services. PDF files must be stored on a Windows file share accessible by all Payables Approval and Tracking users.

Application Components

Payables Approval and Tracking consists of 2 components, the client application and the Email Service. Each component is installed/upgraded separately. Please read this document carefully to ensure all components will be setup correctly.

See the appendix on multiple server environments for details on which components are needed on each server type.

Technical Considerations

Payables Approval and Tracking 3.0 will not run side-by-side with a prior version. For details on setting up test environments please contact your consultant or product support.

As a precaution, make sure you have a recent database backup of your Vision database before running any database scripts.

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