A/R Management & Collections 3.1 Release Notes


Welcome to the A/R Management & Collections (ARM) 3.1 Release Notes. These release notes contain a summary of the following:

  • Pre-Installation Information
  • ARM 3.1 Software Enhancements


ARM requires the CCG Email Service for email functionality. This is a separate install/upgrade from the main ARM application.  ARM also requires clients to use Microsoft Exchange for their email service.

Pre-Installation Information

Supported Environments

EleVia’s A/R Management & Collections is designed to work on any server and client running Deltek Vision 7.x, provided that direct access to the Vision database and to the PDF files is possible.


EleVia’s ARM has limited support in a hosted environment or an internet-only connection, since access to the PDF files on the file system is not possible in that environment. The use of a VPN (or other similar LAN login technology) is recommended for connections outside the LAN where Vision is installed.  For additional details about non-VPN connections, please contact EleVia.

Technical Considerations

ARM 3.1 uses .Net 4.5.2 Framework. All client systems running ARM 3.1 will need this framework installed. (Vision 7.3 or later uses .Net 4.5.2 Framework so no action should be necessary.)


A web application component is required for Transactional Document Management (TDM) support in Vision and if used, requires .Net 4.5.2 on the webserver.  Note that .Net 4.5.2 will exist alongside .Net 3.5 as required with Vision prior to Vision 7.3.  Starting with Vision 7.3 .Net 4.5.2 is required.

Upgrade Considerations

EleVia’s encourages clients to upgrade to the latest version of A/R Management & Collections because:

  • New features are added only to the latest version
  • Except in critical situations, EleVia’s fixes software issues only in the latest version
  • EleVia’s support is typically available only for the latest and the next previous version
  • The latest version incorporates the newest technologies and tools



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