Requirements for EI when Vision is hosted in the Deltek Cloud.

  • Windows file server/share for PDF files and Packaging templates
    • You provide EI with a root folder for this application and the Invoice Watcher Service (see below) will create subdirectories per the configuration (usually project based directories).
    • Invoice Reviewers and Accounting users will need read and write permissions so they can modify the invoices using the built in markup tools.
    • The use of a network file share may limit use of the application outside the network.  VPN or other methods may be used, but the workstation running the application needs to access these paths using a UNC path.
  • Invoice Watcher Service
    • Should run on either the file or IIS server.
    • Watches for new PDF files output by Vision and puts them in the appropriate directory on the file server.
  • Email Service
    • Likely running on the same server as Invoice Watcher Service to keep them together, but can be running anywhere.
    • Talks to the Vision database to determine when notifications are required and using an SMTP server it sends out notifications to employees with invoices needing review
  • SFTP server – per Vision requirements
    • Configuration – General – System Settings
    • ftp:// or sftp:// prefixes do not seem to work.  But server needs to support SFTP protocol.
    • The FTP directories are just temporary storage until the watcher moves them to the project folders on the file server.  3rd party hosting providers available for this service, but will result in a few minutes extra delay in seeing invoices in EI after they were generated by Vision.
  • IIS server to host the clickonce, launch, nvalue and other web files
    • Very small footprint.




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