Email and Invoice Watcher Log Files Locations

The configuration file for the email service/ invoice watcher service controls the log file locations.  Usually it is set to log to the installation directory so everything is the in the same place or to something like

C:\Temp or

C:\Program Files (x86)\Central Consulting Group   ( 7.4 and below)

C:\Program Files \Central Consulting Group   ( 7.5 and above)

The services installation/config document details how find and read the configuration file.

Sample settings from config file

<setting name="ConnectionString" serializeAs="String">

<value>Persist Security Info=False;Integrated Security=true;Data

Source=localhost;Initial Catalog=VisionDemo61;Connection Timeout=60</value>


<setting name="LogFile" serializeAs="String">

<value>C:\Temp\CCG Invoice Watcher.log</value>


<setting name="LogLevel" serializeAs="String">



<setting name="LogFileSize" serializeAs="String">



<setting name="AdminEmail" serializeAs="String">



<setting name="AdvancedOptions" serializeAs="String">




Log file and level

  1. Update to a more appropriate location if necessary
  2. Level should be ‘Warning’ unless otherwise needed for troubleshooting

NOTE. Make sure folder for the Log file exists as the service will not create it

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