Q- What happens if the invoice comes in from the vendor with no project information. How does it get routed?

    A -If using dynamic routing you can have an option that takes care of those cases. If using PM routing, you have to just pick the person you want to fill in the project number

Q- Does PAT allow duplicate invoices? Is there a warning / error. How does PAT handle these situations?

   A-If the Vendor, invoice number and date are the same it will not let you upload. The system will allow the same invoice number with a different date, as this may be a revised invoice.

Q - We have set up AP invoices mailbox and we have changed the password for those mailboxes. Ever since we have done that every time we need to do a batch import we need to change the password and reenter the password. Is there a place where we can change the password and keep it not prompting to change when doing the batch import?

 A-Click SAVE at the top of the batch load. See comments below: It is possible to enter the password on batch load and then continue but not save it. In that case it will only apply to the current session.

Q- How can a change the date range, the default is one year?

A-Under The Lookup Project/Vendor , using the dropdown, choose Date Range and check the date range .

Q- While in batch load detail, what does the Orange and Yellow Highligted fields mean?

A-The orange fields must be filled in prior to the batch upload. The yellow fields do not need to be filled in prior to the upload, but will need to be completed by the approver before the invoice can be ready for voucher.

Q- How can I break up a PDF file with multiple invoices?

A-The user will need to modify the PDF and split out the invoices seperately

Q-Can I delete a voucher after it has been entered into PAT ?

A- Yes while on the row ( invoice) you want to delete, go to Utlities >Delete Current Grid Row

Q- Will my invoices stay in Vision once uploaded to PAT

A-Yes if using Vision TDM Module ( transactional document management) they will remain in Vision. PAT uploads the invoice image in Vision and also stores the invoice in the PAT Vendor Folders.


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