Payables Approval and Tracking 3.0 Configuration Guide


EleVia Software’s Payable Approval and Tracking(PAT) allows for managing, tracking, reviewing and approving invoices in a single, streamlined, paperless process.


Designed for AEC and professional services firms that use Deltek Vision and available exclusively from EleVia Software, PAT streamlines and automates the traditionally complex vendor invoice review process. Use this intuitive software to control everything within one application that coordinates reviews, tracks progress, helps shorten the review cycle, and controls expenses more accurately.


  • Save time. PAT automates several steps in the process. It allows Accounting to batch load vendor invoices from PDFs that are emailed or scanned into a file folder. It notifies reviewers/approvers when invoices need to be approved and tells your accounting department when they are approved for payment. All activity happens in one application, so you can eliminate time usually spent combing through records, locating a specific document, exchanging marked-up hard copy or waiting for overnight packages to arrive.
  • Go paperless. Review and approve vendor invoices without exchanging a single piece of paper, fax or e-mail. PAT centralizes all activities in one application. Vendors can email their invoices to a specified email address like and PAT can retrieve them and get them ready for approvers to review. Reviewers can mark-up edits and offer comments or approval — all in the same application, from any location with Internet access. There is no need to distribute, retrieve or store paper copies.
  • Regain control. PAT creates a consolidated overview of every invoice that is out for review. This makes it easy to see at a glance how many invoices are outstanding, which reviewers have responded with comments and which reviewers still need to provide feedback. With PAT, Vendor Invoices don’t spend extra time being routed throughout the office.
  • Historical Data. PAT allows you to easily sort/browse through historical data by project, vendor, or a more advanced query to see historical and pending information in one place. With user defined Columns, you can track any information vital to your company from vision allowing managers to view anytime, anywhere as long as they have access to the Internet.


The user-friendly Payables Approval and Tracking interface is integrated directly into Vision. Accounting teams can easily prepare invoices for review, grouping them to match the way you do business.


When reviewers log in, they see a complete list of the invoices they need to review. Without leaving the application, reviewers can mark-up invoices, add clarifying comments sending messages to the accounting department. Approvers can also track consultant contracts on projects – what consultants have billed your company, what you have paid them, match invoice amounts to has been billed to your client and what your client has paid your company.


The review process becomes easier because there are no paper files, faxes or e-mails to exchange.

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